Made in Portugal

If, when travelling to Portugal, you stop at Coimbra, well known student city, do not hesitate to enter the beautiful shop called Companhia Portugueza which proposes, a bit similar to La Belle Echoppe in France, some products and local brands that withstand years. Here are some pictures :

Pencils Viarco


Alantoine & Benamôre

L’eau de Cologne Lavanda Ach. Brito

The Cutoline has hemostatic properties and stops bleeding

Encerite Wax

Brooms Piassaba N°3

Toothpaste Couto : Same packaging since 75 years

Hair lotion Olex created in 1969

Farinha 33

Tricana, sardine eggs for 80 years.


Same aera :

And too end.. a beautiful made in France :