Here we go again, 2012 has arrived and I found the office earlier this week to prepare orders and consider new products for Calepino.

Before telling more about it, I wish you a wonderful year ! Thank you to you who read this blog, thank you for trusting in Calepino to provide you with notebooks … Thanks to all the early adopters, thanks to the shops that distributes the pocket books, people working on the manufacture, girls from Lili & Tote, thanks to Jenn and Mike and tanks to my family.

So far everything goes perfectly, orders are beyond my expectations, Calepino was sold in fifteen countries, and of course it allows me to start working on what’s new in 2012 with less stress but with very full days anyway (I wont’t complain about this ;).

First of all, much of the stock was sold out in two months … So I went to the print factory this morning to plan the second draft in the coming weeks. So do not worry I will be able to ship any order for the coming weeks. The same goes for pencils that will be produced again this week.

I also took the opportunity to present my new ideas, my desires and test the waters on the feasibility. Results in a few days.

I really want to quickly propose a larger notebook (it was a request that is often returned). It will a journal or a pad, with a wire or not, elastic or not, ribbon or not … nothing is completely decided yet, but it is on track ..And I have little idea on what will make it a very unique and practical item. But if you have any preferences (size, binding, inside …) please leave your comment. 

A diary may also be in preparation .. More info in the coming months.

Regarding accessories, after several discussions with users of Calepino, the pencil sharpener was often mentioned. I am in contact with a manufacturer in Germany …. To be continued anyway, but I have in hand a very nice model for good price and manufactured in Europe.

comes with newsOtherwise, if you have not registered yet to the mailing list, consider it soon .. (it’s on top of the site) as there will be some surprises at the beginning of the year!