New : The Spiral Notebooks



Today, we announce the release of four new notebooks that complete the Calepino classic collection.


Even before they were conceived and at every discussion with our friends about this type of notebook,
The same refrain: “I do not like them at all. I never use it. Old fashioned. ”


In short, a bad reputation – The unloved.


And yet, while delivering to local customers,
we saw that they were nevertheless on all the desks,
Practical, well flat on the table, or folded up like a notepad.


So after 3 years testing formats and papers,
We decided to propose them to you with a Calepino touch.


We added some brass / bronze for the spiral and on the cover;
Two folded storage pockets at the end allow you to keep your train tickets and other papers.


And do not tell us you’ll fill them too fast, we thought 160 pages would be great!


You will notice that each notebook is marked and binded by hand in our workshop in Nantes (France), moreover, and to be more precise, Virginie made the letterpress printing on our old machines.


More information there : The Spiral Notebooks



Black Friday 2016


On this 25th of November, once in a year,
buy anything you want on Calepino 
and get 25% discount. This is our BLACK FRIDAY.


No promo code. No coupon. No minimum order.
The discount is automatic for 25 hours.
If you buy anything today, you’ll get it.

Even with the new Black Scissors or the limited editions.


This is the last offer before Christmas.


It starts now,
and will end Saturday the 26th in the morning.
One day only.

The Black Scissors

The novelty of today has short but real story that I tried to translate from French to English.



When I see all those people around me who want to give a new direction to their lives,
I realize how many of us seek some meaning to our every day actions.
A year ago, I was looking for a gift for Virginie to welcome her arrival at our workshop,
and at the same time greet her for her professional change.
She used to work for a much larger company very far from Calepino’s activities.
What should I offer her ?
Flowers ? Chocolate ?
No !
As the french “Compagnons” use to do, and as the craftsmen tradition advices,
I was looking for a solid tool, durable, but also aesthetic.
I searched for long time and … often in vain.
Then one day, by chance, I found.
The object was safe, beautiful and true, always sharpened and assembled by hand by the same manufacturer for many generations.
A good tool to be professionally used every day.
Then offering this pair of scissors to my workshop “compagnonne”,
I realized Calepino did not propose you this type of objects yet.
So…our great manufacturer agreed to make a model of these scissors for Calepino,
to be used at the office as well as at the workshop.
18 cm, steel blades, Teflon coated, perfect for cutting paper and cardboard.

Click here to discover the scissors on our website


Les Ciseaux Noirs - Calepino


I hope you’ll enjoy these scissors as much as Virginie.
They will expand our catalog of objects associated with the notebooks,
and might be for you as well,
a loyal tool to go with your life changes.
As an evidence.

New : The Calepino weekly planner

That’s 5 years we resist. Every week.
“No, Calepino won’t make any planner.” “Sorry Madame, but we only make notebooks.”
“Yes Sir, you’re not alone whishing an agenda, but we will never make one.”. 


it is a perpetual calendar, which can be started when one wants in the year, even during the summer. But then in a pocket format and if we can bring four months only if we don’t want to have the full year in the pocket. It should also have a removable calendar .. and then maybe …

In short, we ended up doing it !   (Click here to check it in our boutique)



Agenda Calepino Portfolio bureau

set de 3 agendas perpétuels Calepino

Semaine de l'agenda Calepino

L'année sur l'agenda Calepino

Calendrier annuel de l'agenda Calepino

Pages de notes de fin d'agenda perpetuel



We even worked with our friends from Bleu de Chauffe to have a black leather edition of this new planner : The Portfolio Agenda available in the shop

Agenda Portfolio cuir Calepino sur le bureau

Le set Portfolio agenda cuir

Agenda cuir de poche

Agenda cuir Calepino x Bleu de Chauffe



27th November, 27% discount for 27 hours


On this 27th of November, once in a year,
buy anything you want on Calepino 
and get 27% discount.
No promo code. No coupon. No minimum order.
The discount is automatic for 27 hours.
If you buy anything today, you’ll get it.
This is the last offer before Christmas.
It starts at 8.27AM (GMT+1 – Paris) today,
and will end Saturday the 28th at 11.27AM.
One day only.


A visit to Hey Studio in Barcelona

Who’s “Hey Studio” ?
Here are some pictures from the workshop in Barcelona, with the whole team : Verònica, Ricardo, Mikel, Eva and Paula.

It’s where the Edition Ephemere Calepino N°4 “THINGS TO DO” is getting prepared . This edition is scheduled at the end of Septembre 2015, but it is already in presale with the subscription here :  THINGS TO DO by HEY STUDIO


“Bons Baisers De… “, the contest

As I’m now starting to prepare the shipping of the Édition Éphémère n°3 – Calepino x Atelier Bingo (forecasted for next week), sometimes, I’m asking myself where you are, right now, with your Calepino notebooks.
Which city ? In Europe ? In America ? In your living room, on an island, in Tatouine or in Martinique ? So I said : what about sending us some postcards ?

While searching the small surprise that I wanted to add in the box of the coming Édition Éphémère « Bons Baisers de Martinique », I started to imagine all the places that you have/will visit carrying your Calepino notebooks.

For instance, the other day, I was thinking of the notebooks being in Toronto or Boston thanks to Bruno’s artisans who is now in charge of the brand in the USA and Canada (hello Bruno!).

So yes, I think it the right moment to participate to the contest “‎Bons Baisers De…” on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook !

Before the 21st June, share your postcards-pictures of your Calepino in inconic or unusual places where you and your notebook are. Until we can guess the places or regions where your are with your notebooks. No photo montage, only real ones.

Don’t forget to add #BonsBaisersDe and @calepino in your posts.

– The best picture (according to us) will receive a Portfolio Calepino x Bleu de Chauffe
– The most “kitsch” picture (still according to us) will get the new Edition Ephémère N°3 Calepino x Atelier Bingo !
– The most “touristic/monument” will receive the notebooks Calepino – Dominique A

Good luck and “bons baisers de” Calepino.


Photo by Cédric, “Hamac’s thief in Martinique”.

Photo by Youri “My Calepino, the highest in the world ?? Col Aubisque 1709 meters !!!

Rules :
– 2 pictures maximum per participant 
– Ending on Sunday, the 21st of June 2015
– Participants allow Calepino to share their pictures on internet.
– Prizes will be shipped within 2 weeks after the end of the contest.

A visit to Atelier Bingo

We went to visit Atelier Bingo to bring you back some pictures and to present their beautiful place. A sunny day in the country side, with Adèle, Max and Donut in great shape ; all result to the following photos, all taken by ‘A Crazy Little Thing‘.

The Edition Ephemere N°3 “BONS BAISERS de MARTINIQUE” prepared by Atelier Bingo will be released by the end of the month. It’s still possible to reserve your copy and the next 3 editions to be released by the end of the year. Only 150 copies available !