Calepino X Koralie X Espace LVL

 Photo : Koralie

For her art exhibition “CRUCIFORM TRAVEL (LE DEPART)” 16th May to the 14th of June at the gallery Espace LVL in Nantes, the artist KORALIE proposed one of her artwork to create a limited edition of the Calepino notebooks, which are the hand stamped and signed by the artist.

These notebooks are not proposed on our website but only at the gallery : Espace LVL – 1 rue Bâtonnier Yves Guinaudeau – 44100 Nantes Tel: +33 0 623 740 426


Photo : Adeline Moreau

A Cheval

Calepino x Espace LVL notebooks for the collective exhibition “A Cheval” – Between graphic design and contemporary art – with Etienne Bardelli, Guillaumit, Hell’o Monsters, Cody Hudson, La Boca, Geoff McFetridge.

Calepino x Moon

Handmade limited edition of 3 sets of 3 illustrated pocket notebooks by the artist MÖÖN.
The illustrations were done with pencils directly on the notebooks’ covers. Each notebook is unique.

SOLD OUT in few hours. To be informed about next limited series subscribe to the Calepino newsletter.



Carnets de Saison is a collaboration Calepino X Playtype (type foundry in Copenhagen).
12 books, one per month from January to December,
in 4 boxes (spring, summer, autumn, winter).
Each season has its own color, type face (created by Playtype)
and interior pages: lines, grid, blank or dot -grid.
To be filled month after month, such as blank perpetual diaries
or just like the classic Calepino notebooks.
Playtype store – Copenhague. (Photo by Playtype)

Made in France meets NYC

Soon a limited edition for VETTED – NYC. The inside pages shall please the users who were asking something else than the classic lines, graph or plain paper.