A visit to Atelier Bingo

We went to visit Atelier Bingo to bring you back some pictures and to present their beautiful place. A sunny day in the country side, with Adèle, Max and Donut in great shape ; all result to the following photos, all taken by ‘A Crazy Little Thing‘.

The Edition Ephemere N°3 “BONS BAISERS de MARTINIQUE” prepared by Atelier Bingo will be released by the end of the month. It’s still possible to reserve your copy and the next 3 editions to be released by the end of the year. Only 150 copies available ! 



Édition Éphémère N°2 – KOMAGOMA

For this second edition of the Éditions Éphémères, we asked the artist Isabelle Boinot from Paris to work on a set of 3 pocket notebooks, 2 large letterpress printed notebooks, a tote bag and a poster printed both sides.

KOMAGOMA, Edition Ephémère N°2 has just been released and already sent to the subscribers http://en.calepino.fr/s/33184_216282_komagoma



Pour recevoir les prochaines éditions éphémères, abonnez-vous depuis la page suivante http://en.calepino.fr/s/33184_limited-editions

Some drawings from Isabelle Boinot

For the Edition Ephémère N°2, KOMAGOMA, Isabelle Boinot, the french artist will collaborate with. This edition will be released in February. Here are some of her drawings. More on her website : http://i.boinot.free.fr/



To receive this Edition Ephémère N°2 and the next 3 ones, it’s possible to subscribe on our website : KOMAGOMA

Visit at ‘A deux Doigts’ workshop

When starting to prepare the 1st Édition Éphémère (limited edition), we visited the duo “À Deux Doigts”, Anne and Grégoire, in their workshop located in Nantes, before they even start to work on the collection “FILS de DEEP” created in collaboration with Calepino and which will be released mid-October. Here are some pictures of our visit (photos by Souenellen).




















To get the Édition Éphémère N°1 “FILS de DEEP” as well as the next 3 quarterly editions, you can already subscribe for the coming year on the following page : Édition Éphémère N°1 – FILS de DEEP.  Only 150 copies available !