That’s 5 years we resist. Every week.
“No, Calepino won’t make any planner.” “Sorry Madame, but we only make notebooks.”
“Yes Sir, you’re not alone whishing an agenda, but we will never make one.”. 


it is a perpetual calendar, which can be started when one wants in the year, even during the summer. But then in a pocket format and if we can bring four months only if we don’t want to have the full year in the pocket. It should also have a removable calendar .. and then maybe …

In short, we ended up doing it !   (Click here to check it in our boutique)



Agenda Calepino Portfolio bureau

set de 3 agendas perpétuels Calepino

Semaine de l'agenda Calepino

L'année sur l'agenda Calepino

Calendrier annuel de l'agenda Calepino

Pages de notes de fin d'agenda perpetuel



We even worked with our friends from Bleu de Chauffe to have a black leather edition of this new planner : The Portfolio Agenda available in the shop

Agenda Portfolio cuir Calepino sur le bureau

Le set Portfolio agenda cuir

Agenda cuir de poche

Agenda cuir Calepino x Bleu de Chauffe