The novelty of today has short but real story that I tried to translate from French to English.



When I see all those people around me who want to give a new direction to their lives,
I realize how many of us seek some meaning to our every day actions.
A year ago, I was looking for a gift for Virginie to welcome her arrival at our workshop,
and at the same time greet her for her professional change.
She used to work for a much larger company very far from Calepino’s activities.
What should I offer her ?
Flowers ? Chocolate ?
No !
As the french “Compagnons” use to do, and as the craftsmen tradition advices,
I was looking for a solid tool, durable, but also aesthetic.
I searched for long time and … often in vain.
Then one day, by chance, I found.
The object was safe, beautiful and true, always sharpened and assembled by hand by the same manufacturer for many generations.
A good tool to be professionally used every day.
Then offering this pair of scissors to my workshop “compagnonne”,
I realized Calepino did not propose you this type of objects yet.
So…our great manufacturer agreed to make a model of these scissors for Calepino,
to be used at the office as well as at the workshop.
18 cm, steel blades, Teflon coated, perfect for cutting paper and cardboard.

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Les Ciseaux Noirs - Calepino


I hope you’ll enjoy these scissors as much as Virginie.
They will expand our catalog of objects associated with the notebooks,
and might be for you as well,
a loyal tool to go with your life changes.
As an evidence.