La Cale 2 Créateurs – A Journey to Nantes

As part of the cultural event’s “A Journey to Nantes“, and at the invitation of Les Petites Mains (thank you girls), Calepino will be presented and sold at the “Cale 2 Créateurs” from June the 15th to August the 19th.


Dedicated to creativity and fashion, this new concept is divided into three spaces: a garment shop, a concept store and gallery with the photo exhibition “Urban Textiles” by Nils Vilnis. You will discover many creations, attend fashion defilés and share a cup of tea.

First shows this Friday, June the 15th from 7 p.m. to 7:40 p.m. and from 8:15 p.m. to 8:55 p.m..




The Cale 2 Créateurs near the “Carrousel des Mondes Marins”, in the area of the old shipyards of Nantes. Open from tuesday to sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m..

More information the website A Journey To Nantes

A seasonal offer

We here in June, and to celebrate it Calepino has got a special for the season.
After being sent primarily to newsletter subscribers,
for once I also wanted to share it with the blog readers.
For the next time, remember to leave your email on the following page to get notified.


So, here is the offer for June :

Until Friday the 15th of June.
Order what you want on the store.
No minimums.
And receive a free set of 3 Calepino books No. 3.
The code to use on the cart page is: SEASON3


This offer is valid for all orders of notebooks from the classic range,
wooden pencilspens and the Panoplie.
But also for the numbered limited edition “Alteration” which is still available.


And if you are looking for an opportunity to enjoy it,
here are some seasonal suggestions:

  • The perfect gift for Father’s Day
  • Note the route of touring this summer
  • Inventory purchases and sales in the neighborhood garage sale
  • Counting down the days remaining before the holidays
  • Make a shopping list for the picnic this weekend
  • Draw plans of the garden shed


Finally, and in another matter, know that the french blog La Superette celebrates its first anniversary this weekend in Paris at la Flaq, with concert and  photo exhibition about made in France products on Friday, and on Saturday a “Super Sale” where will be presented Calepino but also beautiful French brands like ApadanaBleu de ChauffeLaure Mory Bijoux and Noise Creation.

More info about the event and registration here:

Calepino in The Netherlands

Two new shops have now Calepino in stock in The Netherlands.

The first one is Red Wing Shoes, the famous shoes brand, that proposes the notebooks and wooden pencils in their beautiful shop in Amsterdam. You’ll find it at the 15th Reestraat, 1016 DM Amsterdam. Do not hesitate to visit this really nice place when you’ll be there.


The second shop is By Mölle in Hoonhorst at 5th Kerkstraat. Hoonhorst is a small village located in the city of Dalfsen, eastern part of The Netherlands. In this city, Marianne Maat and Ken Hughes decided to open their shop in an old windmill from 1862, and provide functional products made of natural materials, crafted in Europe with respect for our environment. A peaceful place where you can now find Calepino…

Photo : FFU Press Agency

Your pictures of ALTERATION

And now, the first books of the ALTERATION limited edition ordered were shipped and have arrived at their destination. Here are some photos sent by happy owners.


Photo sent today on Twitter by Alexandrep who received his copy of the limited edition “Alteration”. Do not hesitate to do the same and send your pictures by email, or Facebook, Twitter…

“A magnificent collection. And what a pleasure to receive such package! @calepino … Thank you. The package is beautiful. It’s almost as pleasant to open than using the notebooks” ;-)”


Another one posted by Tristan on his blog Hapiness is a beginning :

“And we, we like Calepino and especially the numbered limited edition, signed by La Casse, a graphic and typographic studio from Nantes (like our favorite notebooks as well). Everything is made in the old way and in France. In the small parcel, there was a genuine M10 Clic ballpoint pen and a note handwritten by Fabrice. perfect.”


Entropik/ooblik on Twitter & Instagram : “Thank you Calepino (:…frankly it’s a pleasure to receive such a parcel as yours 🙂 happy happy! “


Mescarnets on Twitter : “Received my Alteration purchase ! Réception de ma commande Altération ! Wonderful and even more beautiful than in the picture !   “


Benoît Perrier on Twitter and Camera+ : “Ah ah, I’ve received my  notebooks (even with a nice handwritten notes). Beautiful items, still to be tested.”




CALEPINO was born with the objective of offering these notebooks that were used
once in many workshops.
So, for the production of the first limited edition of his pocket notebooks,
it was natural that Calepino worked with a team from this background.
For this limited edition, named “ALTERATION”,
this is LA CASSE, a graphic design studio from Nantes,
that imagines and customizes the set of 3 notebooks with Calepino.
Print manually in letterpress,
a true craftsmanship printer for a single object.


In this artistic collaboration, Calepino and the workshop from Nantes played
with the french word “casse” (originally, the storage box for typographic characters)
to compose four different lllustrations:
The “casse”TAGNE, the “casse”QUETTE”, the RAS”casse” and the CAR”casse.
Only 500 sets of 3 books are available for sale.
The three different covers and carrying case are manually printed sheet after sheet.
The inside pages of the books are printed with light gray lines.
A single fabrication numbered, no re-release.
Everything is hand packed in an illustrated slipcase for the occasion.
When these 500 sets of 3 books are gone,
there won’t be more. To reserve your / your copies, follow this link ::



The movie that describes the production process for “ALTERATION” can be watched here:
Video created by Gaetan Chagneaud, music “Another’s Sorrow” composed and played by Anne Berry (Album release soon). Pictures from Moon & Souenellen.
Thanks for their time, Merci à eux pour leur temps, their kindness and their investment on this project.
Thanks to La Casse & the team from the Musée de l’imprimerie, to François & Allais team, to Jenn & Mike, to Moon & Souenellen, to Placid & Muzo.

Briefs for May

A first brief to reassure those who are waiting the limited edition “ALTERATION” in collaboration with the graphic workshop La Casse.
The release and the sale is still scheduled for this month of May. To be honest, the 500 pieces are already printed and bound. We are just finishing the manual numbering of the boxes, the pictures, the video, and I’m preparing the announcement of the pre-sale for the newsletter subscribers, who will be mailed, for sure, before the end of the month.

Not bother to send emails to book a copy before the official release: it is not possible. Instead, leave your email in the newsletter form to be notified in priority.


A second brief to announce several new addresses where you can now find CALEPINO:


In addition, four projects of Calepino custom notebooks have just been finished. Special productions for French brands, for an international magazine in partnership with a New York artist, and an event which takes place next week in Nantes. The presentation will be on the blog soon.



CALEPINO collaborates with the french graphic team from “La Casse” for the creation and manufacture of the first Calepino limited edition.

“ALTERATION” is the first edition of the pocket notebooks that are created manually in letterpress printing.
Sheet after sheet, each cover is unique.
Each case is numbered.
500 copies only


Pre-sale to subscribers soon:

Leaving the workshop in May 2012.

Project A……… : following

A quick note to give you some news before the weekend,
and also I must confess to maintain the suspense.
Always working hard on this project ……. A.
The new project in collaboration between Calepino and a workshop in Nantes.
The manual printing step is nearly completed.
There are still many steps before its release. But that advance rather well.
For now, it is more difficult to show too many pictures without revealing already the subject.
But be aware that it is about fish, hat, fight and old cars … hope it helps right?


Project A……… : D-Day

10 AM.
Vandercook n°4 OK.
Cardboard loaded.
Manual printing.
La Casse is ready.
The projet A…….. is on track.


In passing…

Very little news on the blog lately. But it does not prevent Calepino to work hard. Big week in perspective. While some of you are on holidays, Calepino started a colaboration with the graphic studio LA CASSE to produce a very special edition … Some photos by Thursday to keep you informed from the workshop.


Moreover, as you may have read elsewhere, after Dallas, New Yok and Washington, the notebooks are also available online in the U.S. through the webshop Beautiful packshot pictures made for the occasion.


Calepino et


Discover also an article on the blog of Monsieur Marcel (in french) and an interview on La Belle Echoppe (in english).