In March, Two=Three

From now until the end of March only.
Buy two of anything from Calepino
and we’ll ship you three of what you purchased.
The third one’s on us.    

Use the promo code TWO=THREE on the cart page.  

Valid only for orders on the website,
until the 31th of March 2012.

Calepino Fountain Pen Test

A member of, a forum for enthusiasts of writing inks and fountain pens, decided to test the quality of books and writing with pen and ink on Calepino’s recycled paper. The entirety of this test can be read directly on the forum: Test Calepino fountain pen (In french).

Thanks for his feedback, hoping that there may be others. If you need the translation, let me know.
And you, did you use fountain pen on your Calepino? your feedback?

Calepino in New-York

Since Calepino was launched, the pocketbooks won a considerable success outside of France. The international orders must be at least 20/30%, and the notebooks had been sent in more than thirty countries now.

But in recent weeks, more and more stores outside the country have also shown interest in the distribution. So, after Belgium, the UK, it is the turn of the United States to host Calepino. And it happens to start in New York in the beautiful Bookstore-Cafe McNally Jackson, located in Manhattan at 52 Prince Street between Lafayette and Mulberry. Beautiful independent bookstore… here are some pictures.


Photos by Maggie Soloday

And in a few days, more stores which start distributing Calepino in the US will be announced, in Washington DC and Dallas. But also one in Ireland and in Japan (Tokyo)…stay tuned.


Calepino and the Ville Rose

For the people living in the city of Toulouse (also called “Ville Rose” – “Pink City”), you may now be able to purchase your Calepino notebooks as well as the pens and wooden pencils in the beautiful shop “PAPIER ETC” located at the 25th rue Boulbonne in Toulouse. Christophe, the boss, has even redecorated the store window with the pocketbooks as you can see on the following pictures. Feel free to come and see.

And speaking of shops offering Calepino, in a short time you will get a glimpse of those of New York and Brussels… so proud …:)
Feel free to suggest other places of nice shops in your city. Thank you in advance.


January without winter sales

24 hours before the non-winter-sales

In few hours it will be the winter sales in France.
But, as the Calepino products are always in stock in the shop, 
there will be no winter sales. It’s like that.

To compensate, this is still an offer that should please you.

For 24 hours only. Order any item in the shop
and receive a free pack of 3 notebooks.
No code. No minimum. No password.
If you buy something, you are eligible.
If you have a preference on the type of book,
enter it during the order process. Otherwise it will be surprise.

This offer is valid from now until tomorrow Tuesday, January 10, 6.00 pm (French time).
+ Goodies for those who order within 12 hours.
And since there will be no winter sales in the following days ….

Calepino in 2012

Here we go again, 2012 has arrived and I found the office earlier this week to prepare orders and consider new products for Calepino.

Before telling more about it, I wish you a wonderful year ! Thank you to you who read this blog, thank you for trusting in Calepino to provide you with notebooks … Thanks to all the early adopters, thanks to the shops that distributes the pocket books, people working on the manufacture, girls from Lili & Tote, thanks to Jenn and Mike and tanks to my family.

So far everything goes perfectly, orders are beyond my expectations, Calepino was sold in fifteen countries, and of course it allows me to start working on what’s new in 2012 with less stress but with very full days anyway (I wont’t complain about this ;).

First of all, much of the stock was sold out in two months … So I went to the print factory this morning to plan the second draft in the coming weeks. So do not worry I will be able to ship any order for the coming weeks. The same goes for pencils that will be produced again this week.

I also took the opportunity to present my new ideas, my desires and test the waters on the feasibility. Results in a few days.

I really want to quickly propose a larger notebook (it was a request that is often returned). It will a journal or a pad, with a wire or not, elastic or not, ribbon or not … nothing is completely decided yet, but it is on track ..And I have little idea on what will make it a very unique and practical item. But if you have any preferences (size, binding, inside …) please leave your comment. 

A diary may also be in preparation .. More info in the coming months.

Regarding accessories, after several discussions with users of Calepino, the pencil sharpener was often mentioned. I am in contact with a manufacturer in Germany …. To be continued anyway, but I have in hand a very nice model for good price and manufactured in Europe.

comes with newsOtherwise, if you have not registered yet to the mailing list, consider it soon .. (it’s on top of the site) as there will be some surprises at the beginning of the year!


Already December ?


We are already in December. Calepino is on track and I did not see the time passing.

Before Christmas rush orders, I take the time to make a small feedback of these 35 days passed.  All lights are green. Some figures: 

  • Already more than 25,000 visitors on the the shop, from 140 countries, 22% France, 19% of the United States.
  • The Panoplie (Toolbox) is the best selling item and the average basket is around 44 € (not bad!).
  • And it is the Friday 25th (Black Friday 25%) which was the most important day in terms of orders (I promise that in 2012 I’ll reiterate this kind of promotion).

On the positive news, there are 6 stores in France, which already offer Calepino, and contacts are underway in the Netherlands, the United States and the United-Kingdom. Other countries or cities interested?  

In short, it’s all very reassuring. I was a bit stressed before the launch. Very pleased that a simple product made in France can find its way gradually.

My hope is that all first purchasers of Calepino are satisfied. Feel free to send me your comments, make suggestions or product ideas. I feel like that this brand can evolve also according to your desires and needs. 

For December, here are the goals I set : 

  • Try to be somewhat more effective in picking .. it takes me a lot of time every day. I must say that is each set of three books are packed manually in box before preparing the shipping packages (see photo) … Artisanal to the end 🙂 
  • Prepare a nice pack for the holidays. A little fluff, yes I know … but it will be soon on the site with beautiful pictures of my favorite photographers. 
  • Start a new item, to be available in January / February. Sales of the first month will be used to work on it. 
  • To make smiling a little more the people from the post office that I see everyday. 
Come on, a little more more books to put in boxes and it’s the weekend:)

The following day

That’s it. The Black Friday is gone.

Lots of orders, nice messages and a full day preparing the parcels. Thanks to the ones that have participated to this day, and I think I will reorganize it next year.

Many of you have ordered the Panoplie, even several Panoplies. Therefore I’m starting to think that I may have to modify this to add a new product for it. Still keeping the same materials and producing localy. The launch, the stock and the website have took a lot of the ressources. So I’ll go step by step, and will try to create this new Calepino product for the beginning of 2012, concentrating on the quality and affordable price. To be continued.

Until this, and because many of you sent comments regarding the quality of the drawing that was used for the BlackFriday, on a Calepino N°2, on the homepage. MOON, the graphic designer who did this illustration,  made me a nice surprise by taking some pictures of each steps of this creation. So, to end November with a nice touch, here is his beautiful gift in 12 pictures. Enjoy !

 More illustrations from MOON on his website :

MOON’s portfolio on his website :