As I’m now starting to prepare the shipping of the Édition Éphémère n°3 – Calepino x Atelier Bingo (forecasted for next week), sometimes, I’m asking myself where you are, right now, with your Calepino notebooks.
Which city ? In Europe ? In America ? In your living room, on an island, in Tatouine or in Martinique ? So I said : what about sending us some postcards ?

While searching the small surprise that I wanted to add in the box of the coming Édition Éphémère « Bons Baisers de Martinique », I started to imagine all the places that you have/will visit carrying your Calepino notebooks.

For instance, the other day, I was thinking of the notebooks being in Toronto or Boston thanks to Bruno’s artisans who is now in charge of the brand in the USA and Canada (hello Bruno!).

So yes, I think it the right moment to participate to the contest “‎Bons Baisers De…” on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook !

Before the 21st June, share your postcards-pictures of your Calepino in inconic or unusual places where you and your notebook are. Until we can guess the places or regions where your are with your notebooks. No photo montage, only real ones.

Don’t forget to add #BonsBaisersDe and @calepino in your posts.

– The best picture (according to us) will receive a Portfolio Calepino x Bleu de Chauffe
– The most “kitsch” picture (still according to us) will get the new Edition Ephémère N°3 Calepino x Atelier Bingo !
– The most “touristic/monument” will receive the notebooks Calepino – Dominique A

Good luck and “bons baisers de” Calepino.


Photo by Cédric, “Hamac’s thief in Martinique”.

Photo by Youri “My Calepino, the highest in the world ?? Col Aubisque 1709 meters !!!

Rules :
– 2 pictures maximum per participant 
– Ending on Sunday, the 21st of June 2015
– Participants allow Calepino to share their pictures on internet.
– Prizes will be shipped within 2 weeks after the end of the contest.